w4 What Type Of Learner Am I ??

Before I encountered the term ‘learning styles’ , I had already assumed that I was a visual learner through observation . I often found it easier to understand concepts , activities or theories when tasks are demonstrated or we are provided with other visuals such as interactive videos , or diagrams .

During class , our instructor  had mentioned and explained that an individual can be more than 1 type of learner of have multiple learning styles  :

  • Kinesthetic /tactile
  • Visual
  • Auditory

In addition to that, he explained the importance of being aware of the type of learner we are . I understood that by being aware , we can devise a perfect learning strategy for ourselves ; furthermore, it will help us utilize our time by avoiding learning methods that will consume our study schedule because it isn’t the way our(my) mind best absorbs knowledge .

Although I was positive that I was a visual learner, I was curious what was the type of learner I was . Therefore , I took a quiz from 2 websites called ‘Education Planner.org’ and    a quiz from Ashford University in ‘Buzzfeed’.

I had ‘ Visual Learner’ as a result for both the quizzes ; however , I thought that the quiz from ‘Education Planner.org’ was more helpful because it included my percentages as a learner in the remaining categories . I took the latter’s quiz thrice just to see if the results would vary ;  by  majority of my percentage I was a ‘Visual Learner ‘ , the  second was always either auditory or tactile. Another thing that was useful with this site is that it included an explanation of the type of learner you are and as a bonus , tips were mentioned to help us visual learners learn better.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.59.56 PM

What I learned from this research is that visual leaners learn best when we are given visual aids ;using of visual aids such as highlighting text and using a color system , using of symbols to understand notes .

It was quite amusing and relieving to know that I was already applying these learning techniques because I know that I was following the right studying techniques for me .There were however ,very good pointers that I never even considered i.e. avoiding distractions ; naturally distraction is effects everyone  , however , it made sense to avoid seeing distractions like TV screens or any visual distractions (drawings illustrations , clutter) since , as visual leaner my attention will be pulled toward what I see.

It also brought my attention to pay attention to my eyesight. Other than working in places  bad for my posture, I also had the bad habit of working in dark places . Normally , I wouldn’t be bothered with such information ;however, through the recent months I was beginning to realize that having glasses was not the most enjoyable experience as a person or artist. I was often bothered with the frame of my glasses when I am sketching , sometimes it was hard walking through the city at twilight or  night . As a visual learner and as an artist , I realized the I should start taking better care of my eyes ; they are after all one of my most important tools as an artist aside from my hands and mind.


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